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Corporate Support

We work in partnership with companies, big and small, to bring smiles to sick and disabled children. We’re a national charity but we work at a local level at 21 hospitals, 3 hospices and 2 specialist care centres. Our Giggle Doctors visitchildren throughout England, from the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital down to Southampton General Hospital. You can click here to see where we visit near you. We may be a small charity, but we have a huge reach – bringing smiles to 30,000 children every year - and you can help us make a positive impact.

Charity of the Year

Supporting the Theodora Children’s Charity will provide a strong and mutually beneficial partnership; enabling your employees to engage with a charity that will ignite passion and bring people together outside of the work place. We have experience of working with partners of different sizes, so whether you are a team of 100 or 10,000, we can offer:

• A dedicated account manager to create a specifically designed fundraising plan to engage all your employees

• We will work closely with you to develop a carefully tailored partnership to meet your company’s needs

• We can work with you to deliver a launch to your staff, providing clear information about our work, the partnership and how staff can get involved

• A range of fundraising tools and materials to ensure all staff fundraising initiatives are successful!

If you would like to nominate us for your company’s Charity of the Year scheme then please get in touch.



Ken Robertshaw, Rotarian

Having seen the Giggle Doctors at work in hospitals I am convinced that laughter is the best medicine. My expedition work is made all the more worthwhile when I see the smiles they generate and the fun they have with them.

Stewart Hilton, Zeal Creative

We chose Theodora as our charity because they have ZEAL and because we can make a real difference to their work. It costs just £10 to fund each Giggle Doctor bedside visit, so our £3,000 will ensure that 300 more kids can get a smile from a Giggle Doctor when things seem a bit scary in hospital.