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Volunteering at Theodora Children's Charity - Joseph's Story

Joseph shares his experiences volunteering at the Theodora Children's Charity...

"During the summer of my second year at university, I had the desire to learn a little bit about the charity sector, as I knew my third year will come and go quickly and I would want to start forming an idea of what I would want to do after that. My main subject of interest has for long been ethical philosophy, which is why I chose to find voluntary work in the non-profit sector.

To me, Theodora Children’s Charity’s contribution to the wellbeing of sick and disabled children is incredibly selfless, human and altruistic, and I was very happy to have the opportunity to give my part. I was excited and nervous to join the team as it was my first time volunteering at such a far reaching charity. Nevertheless everyone was incredibly supportive and friendly and I will not forget the smile I left with after my first day.

Working with hospital visit photos and meeting Dr. Geehee and Dr. Snug has shown me the positive effect of the charity first hand. Giggle Doctors are effectively superheroes saving the day for sick and disabled children! The Giggle Doctors are super-friendly and genuine, funny and proud of what they do, which makes me proud to be a part of it all. I've truly enjoyed giving my bit towards a cause greater than myself and to be a part of all the laughs and giggles along the way.

I have to say, volunteering can sometimes be emotionally strenuous as, of course, some children admitted to hospitals, hospices and specialist care centers are in a condition that may be difficult or upsetting to think about. However, I've seen how this motivates everyone here to do their best to make a positive difference wherever possible, which is very inspiring.

When I first began volunteering at Theodora Children’s Charity I thought I would simply receive some valuable experience, yet the skills I've learnt and developed here are truly invaluable, in addition to the tremendous sense of purpose I've found in working here; it's nice being around people that make an effort to create smiles on young faces across the UK who are suffering from illness or disability.

As a Fundraising and Communications Volunteer, I often deal with a variety of different tasks. At one moment I might be conducting research or mailing donors, I've even found myself representing Theodora Children’s Charity at the House of Lords, which was an extraordinary experience. Volunteering at Theodora Children’s Charity has been incredibly positive and has inspired me to pursue a career in this field once I’ve graduated.

I have loved being here at Theodora Children’s Charity and would recommend volunteering here to anyone."

Thank you Joseph for your hardwork and for the support you have offered whilst volunteering.

If you are interested in volunteering in our London office, please contact us at