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DonateChild laughing

We are always hugely grateful to receive donations towards our Giggle Doctor programmes. If you would like to make a contribution to a specific programme, we would be delighted to hear from you. You can donate directly to the Charity or read about our different programmes.

Fundraise for Us

Organise a sports match, pub quiz, Christmas gift wrapping day, church or supermarket collection, cake sale, carol singing contest, or even a dinner at your home – anyone that comes along makes a donation!  Get started today and help fund Giggle Doctor visits to bring joy and laughter to children in hospital! 

You don’t need to do it all on your own – you can even ask friends and family to form a fundraising group. Alternatively, if you'd like to help us regularly, just get in touch with [email protected] about becoming a Volunteer Community Fundraiser in your area.

Fundraising at Work

Fundraising at work is a great way to do something fun with your colleagues, whilst raising money for Theodora Children’s Charity. Why not try: 

  • Holding a pub quiz 
  • Running a sweepstake  
  • Organising a dress down day 
  • Having a bake sale 
  • Nominating Theodora Children’s Charity for Charity of the Year.

Fundraising at SchoolDr yoho

If your school is looking to fundraise for us, here a few ideas about how you can get involved:

  • Holding a mufti-day 
  • Organising a sports day 
  • Organising a fashion show or talent show 
  • Nominating Theodora Children’s Charity for Charity of the Year.


Support us through your clubken and Dr Nic Nic

Are you part of a club such as a Rotary Club, WI, Scouts or Brownie group? If so, then we would love it if you might consider supporting us.

You could choose to make a one-off donation, or run your own fundraising event for us. From summer garden parties and afternoon tea’s to Christmas Fairs and fetes, there are a whole host of great ways to raise money. We would love to send a speaker to one of your meetings to share more about the work of our wonderful Giggle Doctors!

Payroll Giving

You can help support our Charity through your place of work by making a regular donation through your payroll. Not only is it a simple way to support us, it's also the most tax effective.

  • Your donation is tax free because it’s taken directly from your salary, which means the cost to you is less than the amount you pledge
  • Payroll Giving is a scheme that allows people paid through PAYE to make donations to any UK registered charity - tax free
  • How does it work? You give a fixed amount from your salary each month. For example, if you donate £10, only £8.00 comes out of your salary and the Inland Revenue pays the rest.

Make a Regular Donation 

As a small charity having regular income makes a real difference when it comes to funding our Giggle Doctor visits ensuring even more children get the gift of a Giggle Doctor. 

Giving a regular donation is an easy way to help on a continuing basis. Any Happy childamount you choose to give is truly appreciated and can add up over the months and years to make a big difference to our work. 

Monthly Direct Debit: You can set up a monthly direct debit online by clicking here. This donation will be linked to your bank card which means that when the card expires your donation to the charity will stop and you will need to set up your direct debit again using your new card details.

Standing Order: You can set up a standing order through your bank, either through online banking or by visiting your local branch. Contact [email protected] for our bank details. 


Spread the word

You can like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter and Instagram, or share our Youtube videos. By sharing or retweeting posts, you will help increase the number of people who hear about our work. Please contact us at [email protected] for more information.

Dr Fab