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“The Giggle Doctors have a great approach with the young children and the teenagers and even some of the children who are a bit quieter. I remember that one day we had a Dad who was feeling down in the dumps. He was fed up of being in hospital. Then the Giggle Doctors came and he was laughing with them for over half an hour! He told me that he had never laughed so much and he said ‘It is therapy for Dads as well!’.” -Hospital Play Specialist


GDs"You only have to look around the wards when the Giggle Doctors are here, to see how much the children enjoy the visit. We all know hospitals can be frightening and boring places for children, however, that is not the case when the Giggle Doctors are around. The children are relaxed, happy and excited. Long may the funding continue so we can get our regular weekly dose of Giggle Doctors. The perfect prescription for sick children." - Play Coordinator at Bradford Royal Infirmary



hospital staff "Over the years we have gotten to know the Giggle Doctors who visit  us every week and there have been some new faces too and we think they are wonderful. They’re fantastic with the staff, parents and the patients. It is nice that they each have their own different characters, the children really like that each Giggle Doctor has a theme and you can see it in the clothes they wear." - Therapeutic and Specialised Play Services Manager