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At the Theodora Children's Charity we help children living with illness, disability and serious health challenges to feel better using the proven power of laughter. Our vision is to contribute to the wellbeing of children in the 21 hospitals, 3 hospices and 2 specialist care centres we visit across England. We do this by providing visits from professional performers who have been trained to work in a medical environment called Giggle Doctors.

By combining music, play, magic and storytelling our 33 Giggle Doctors bring joy and laughter to brave children in challenging times. From Dr Bananas to Dr Yoho, our Giggle Doctors wear their very own 'doctor coats', which represents their character, and spend time one to one with the children. Our Giggle Doctors create opportunities for children to play and interact through a range of musical, magical and fun activities.  Sometimes they will make balloon animals and blow bubbles, and at other times they will sing a funny song or just speak to a child one on one.

The play is always child - led with each interaction being unique to the child and their needs. With each visit our Giggle Doctors aim to reduce stress and anxiety, increase opportunities for play, and improve children's experience of hospitals.

A Giggle Doctor visit isn't just about one magical moment, it can have a significant and lasting impact on a child's well-being and perception of the hospital environment, and helps to reduce stress and anxiety for the children and their families during a hospital visit.

I can't thank the Giggle Doctors enough for making our son Robert smile throughout his time in hospital over the past six years. It has been wonderful to see him laugh when he has been so ill
— A parent


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