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Dr Glow

"My daughter arrived on the ward today very teary eyed and nervous, with her little head full of memories of needles, pain and illness. However, we arrived at the same time as the Giggle Doctors! Within a minute they had completely captured her attention and put her totally at ease. She completely forgot where she was and thoroughly enjoyed her time with them both, as did I! Thank you so much for everything you did for Ava-Grace today, you made a huge difference in a little girls world and made the hospital a much brighter place to be" – A parent


"A massive thank you to Dr Hip Hap and Dr Flowerpot both who visited Byron on the verge of a melt down because he was very scared about being in hospital again. Both Mum and Dad weren't far from tears also, knowing he would rather be doing what little boys do best. A few minutes after saying hi we were all laughing and having a wonderful time, and Byron now thinks hospitals are great fun. Laughter really is the best medicine. Thank you Dr Hip Hap, you have worked wonders" – A parent



“I just wanted to say a big thank you to the Giggle Doctors for cheering my baby girl up at Leeds Children’s Hospital on Monday. Marianne is 9 months old and is usually a bright & breezy baby however due to a nasty virus it was sad for us to see her lethargic, working hard to breathe and very quiet. When the Giggle Doctors visited the ward, we had just found out that the doctors wanted us to stay in hospital overnight so I had started to worry about how serious things might be. Even though Marianne wasn’t very ‘with it’, I thought at least she would enjoy watching the Giggle Doctors entertaining the other children on the ward.

Dr Bungee came up to us and started to show Dr BungeeMarianne some tricks with his hat and she watched him, intrigued. A few tricks later & she burst out laughing! It was such a surprise as I didn’t even think she had the energy to laugh. But this was just the start, as Dr Bungee carried on Marianne laughed more and more and by the time he made the bubbles squeak as he popped them Marianne was full on belly-laughing.

It was such a gorgeous noise and its contagious effect had the whole room giggling along. It was such a relief for me to see a glimpse of my little girl and to know that for this brief moment she was having fun and that her body was feeling that lovely glow of having a good laugh. Thank you Dr Bungee for your much-needed dose of laughter, it certainly proved to be the best medicine for us on that day. We are home now and happy to say that Marianne is steadily getting better.”

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Dr Dotty"Two days after surgery, the Giggle Doctors arrived on the ward for their weekly visit.  I was concerned – I could hear them coming with lots of noise and laughter and I felt that my daughter was not strong enough to cope with this. However, they were calm and gentle, immediately modifying their performance to meet the needs of the individual child.  My daughter smiled (she couldn’t laugh, physically, at this stage) and we all immediately felt better.  The beneficial effects of play for a sick child have been researched and documented, but until you have had your own child sick I don’t think anyone can fully appreciate just how important those benefits are." – A parent




“My son was lucky enough to get a visit from Dr Dotty when he was waiting to go down for surgery! She came just as he had had enough of waiting and was getting very hungry and fed up! It made his day and ours! Something we will always remember!” - A parent


“I can't thank the Giggle Doctors enough for making our son Robert smile throughout his time in hospital over the past six years. It has been wonderful to see him laugh when he has been so ill.” Parent