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Make a Regular Donation 

As a small charity having regular income makes a real difference when it comes to funding our Giggle Doctor visits. Regular donations allow us to plan ahead, but more importantly they give us the confidence and support to grow, ensuring even more children get the gift of a Giggle Doctor.


Giving a regular donation is an easy way to help on a continuing basis. Any amount you choose to give is truly appreciated and can add up over the months and years to make a big difference to our work.

 Happy child

It is important to us that you feel in control of the ways you choose to support our work. We want to let you know the different options available to you if you choose to make a regular donation:


Monthly Direct Debit: You can set up a monthly direct debit online by clicking here. This donation will be linked to your bank card which means that when the card expires your donation to the charity will stop and you will need to set up your direct debit again using your new card details.


Standing Order: You can set up a standing order through your bank, either through online banking or by visiting your local branch. You will need to use our charity payment details which are below. A standing order allows you more control as you can choose the frequency of your donation, the date you would like it to leave your account and your donation will not stop when your card expires. Contact [email protected] for our bank details. 


Thank you so much for choosing to support our work in this way. Your donation will help give children going through the boredom, fear and isolation of a hospital stay a chance to smile again. 


If you have any questions or would like more information about making a regular donation please contact [email protected] or call 020 7713 0044.


Stewart Hilton, Zeal Creative

We chose Theodora as our charity because they have ZEAL and because we can make a real difference to their work. It costs just £10 to fund each Giggle Doctor bedside visit, so our £3,000 will ensure that 300 more kids can get a smile from a Giggle Doctor when things seem a bit scary in hospital.

Lendlease Guvnors Club

I hadn’t heard of Theodora Children’s Charity before and it was through our Lendlease Guvnors Club that I was given my first introduction to the Theodora team and their fantastic group of Giggle Doctors. I have had the honour of meeting some of the Giggle Doctors and think it takes a truly wonderful person to be able to do what they do. I believe the charity deserves all the support it can get to continue sending their super smiley Giggle Doctors to cheer up children currently sick in hospitals and hospices across England. Our first bake sale for the charity was a resounding success and we look forward to continue our support in the future and expanding our relationship with the team