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Over the years Rotarian Ken Robertshaw has gone above and beyond in his support of our work, raising over £50,000; from trekking across the artic to kayaking the length of the Mississippi, Ken is truly inspirational. In 2016, in recognition of Ken’s tireless commitment, he became an Ambassador for the charity.

Here Ken, tells what fist inspired him to support our work:



“Having seen the ‘Giggle Doctors’ at work in hospitals I am convinced that laughter is the best medicine.  My expedition work is made all the more worthwhile when I see the smiles the ‘Doctors’ generate and the fun they have with them. I am delighted to have been offered the opportunity to act as an Ambassador for The Theodora Children's Charity and look forward to supporting them in many different ways in the future.”


He went on to say “The past President of Rotary International in Great Britain and Ireland, Peter Davey, has donated £600 from the annual conference fundraising raffle which is a great support of our fundraising and we are most grateful for the generosity of the conference attendees”.


If you are a member of the Rotary or any local club and would like to support our work please get in touch with [email protected]