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Megan's mum, Michelle, kindly shared their Giggle Doctor story with us. Despite a traumatic time in hospital with a chest infection in both lungs, Megan now has some positive memories of her experience in hospital. She is even telling her school council to fundraise for more Giggle Doctor visits to bring smiles to other poorly children. Here is Megan's story…

Since we’d got back from our holiday in August 2016 Megan had been very quiet and down. She was very lethargic and had no energy or appetite. I thought she was just turning into a teenager at that point because she just did not want to do anything! We went to the local doctor’s, who thought it was a virus that she had picked up whilst we were on holiday.

Suddenly things took a turn for the worst, as Megan’s breathing began to suffer and she developed a really fast respiratory rate. We were seen by an out-of-hours team who started her on antibiotics over the weekend but she was not getting any better. When I went back to work the following Tuesday my husband took her back to the doctor’s and she was then admitted to hospital with low oxygen levels. It turned out she had a chest infection in both lungs.

The day she was admitted was the day we saw one of the Giggle Doctors on the pediatric admissions ward. Fortunately it was only an acute illness, and now Megan is absolutely fine, but she had to spend three nights at the hospital. At the time Megan was so poorly, I think she just went along with the idea of being in hospital. However, looking back afterwards we realized how poorly she’d been. The medical team was great, which was some comfort, but it was the first time she’d been in hospital since she was a baby, so there was some fear.

Megan was relieved when she saw the Giggle Doctors. There was a lot of waiting around on the admissions ward, as it was a long process, so she was really bored. Then suddenly the Giggle Doctor arrived and we were like, ‘who is he?!’ It was Dr Bungee, who was hilarious, funny and engaging. He entertained her, broke some of the boredom and made her laugh.

We remember that he had a broken bucket on his foot, a little guitar on his side, and he was telling jokes. Then he gave her a little note which said, ‘If you read this you owe me £100’, which she kept and now uses as a bookmark.

Although it was a brief intervention, it lightened the atmosphere. When you’re waiting in hospital you’re anxious and worried. The Giggle Doctor visit does lighten things for that moment in time. Megan has not forgotten her visit from Dr Bungee and still talks about it a lot.

At school on the council, Megan has talked about trying to get the school involved with fundraising. She’s still got the postcard which she talks about and uses as a bookmark. Megan talks about being poorly, having the cannula, antibiotics and oxygen, but she will also talk about the Giggle Doctor visit as well.

Thank you, our Giggle Doctor visit really lighted the moment and has given us lasting memories.