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Dr Dotty shares her experience as a Giggle Doctor. 

Dr Dotty has been a Giggle Doctor at Theodora Children’s Charity since February 2012. We spoke to her to learn about her experience as a Giggle Doctor:

“Being a Giggle Doctor with Theodora Children’s Charity is such a privilege. As Dr Dotty, I meet many wonderful children and their families, who unfortunately find themselves in a not-so-wonderful situation- being in hospital. Many children I meet are going through a very uncertain, distressing time, and can be extremely poorly. As a Giggle Doctor, I get to be part of something much more positive for these children- joy, hope, and laughter- despite being in hospital!

One of the places I visit is Demelza Children’s Hospice, and I am always amazed and inspired by the staff, parents and incredible children. I have many special moments from my time there. In particular, I was honoured enough to meet a beautiful 3-week old baby, who was sadly in the hospice to receive ‘end of life’ care, and her parents. The staff checked with the parents if they would like a Giggle Doctor to visit, they agreed, and I went to their room. So much love was in the room. I played music, sang, used sensory lights and sounds for the beautiful little girl. We spoke of all the things any parent wants to share- how much she weighed, how beautiful she was, her little head of hair, and her newly made blanket. I met them again a few weeks later, just before Christmas. We spent more time together, and again many photos were taken. I later learned that the baby passed away shortly after, just a few months old. I was so privileged to have those moments with that family, and I will always remember them. What an honour it is to be Dr Dotty.”