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As part of the #Fun4All campaign with Fundamentally Children we're highlighting the importance of play for children. We recently spoke to Mark about how Dr Easy Peasy made hi 9 year old daughter, Issy, laugh during her stay in hospital. 

“We are foster carers and we fostered Issy when she was five months old and then officially adopted her about four years ago. She had contracted meningitis a couple of days after being born which attacked part of her brain and left her disabled.

Dr Easy PeasyShe met Dr Easy Peasy for the first time last week at Evelina London Children’s Hospital. She has sleep apnoea where she can’t breathe properly whilst sleeping and she was in hospital to take part in a sleep study. But on the second day, she became unwell and she was transferred to the high dependency unit. That’s where she met Dr Easy Peasy.

When we saw Dr Easy Peasy coming around, we thought oh no, but as soon as she started talking and saying ‘do this and do that’, it was great. Issy loves all that. She was feeling fairly well at that point so it was great timing. She’s got that same sort of sense of humour as Dr Easy Peasy. It was really good to see her laughing and smiling so much after her being so ill for the last few weeks. It was nice to see Issy back to the old Issy.  I’ve got so many videos of her just laughing and laughing and laughing.

It must have gone on for about 10 minutes and then Dr Easy Peasy said I’ve got to go now and as she walked away, Issy started to get upset but she kept coming back in little bits at a time. It was brilliant. It really did perk up her day. It’s just so nice that the Giggle Doctors spend time talking to the child. Some people talk over or past the child so the Giggle Doctors are great. Issy really loved it. I’ve not seen her laughing and smiling so much for a long while”.