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Emily has been volunteering with us in the office over the Uni summer holidays. Find out what inspired her to join our team and what she has learnt from the experience. 

Emily"I applied to volunteer for Theodora Children’s Charity to get summer work experience. It immediately jumped out as something I wanted to get involved in because the goal of the charity was so positive and specific so I knew exactly what I would be involved with. On top of that, I was a patient at Great Ormond Street when I was younger so recognised how much help Giggle Doctors could be due to personal experience. After being in that environment you recognise how important it is to bring light into scary situations and I was really excited to get to help the charity.

I have now volunteered from June through to August and could not recommend it more. The team is so friendly and patient which is definitely helpful when you’re going in with no proper office experience. I feel like they really cared about me having a positive and meaningful volunteer experience, so I was given a range of tasks to get the most out of my time. I got to be involved in the full fundraising process from research tasks to sending out fundraising letters. This is knowledge I can now take forward into future job applications as well as using my fundraising experience to help raise money for societies I’m involved in at university.

After being involved I hope my work will bring in funding to the charity and plan on keeping in touch to see what happens after I am gone. I have come to really care about the cause and will to continue to support the charity in other ways once my time as a volunteer is over".

We want to say a big thank you to Emily for all her hard work during her time volunteering with us and wish her lots of luck as she enters the next year of her studies.