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The Three-o-dora challenge!

Our long term supporters Equifax have created the fun an exciting Three-o-dora challenge, and the idea is that if one of their employees are nominated they need to complete a thing of three! This can be anything of their choosing and be as creative as they like!

They have three days to complete the challenge, take a photo or video to prove they’ve completed the challenge and nominate three people to take up the challenge.

Once they have completed the challenge they donate £3 to Theodora Children's charity. So far, Equifax has managed to raise an incredible £1,507!

From fancy dress boat parties to running half marathons, we are always amazed at Equifax employees fundraising enthusiasm!

Sananpreet:  I climbed 3 walls at Rock up with support from my son Aran, who was fearless!



Lauren:  I kept my challenge crafty but simple and made 3 face coverings.



Kathryn:  3 hours on 3 days of crafting to create our Halloween tree!



Paula:  I’ve baked 3 Theodora Cupcakes and now I’m going to eat 3 Theodora Cupcakes



Mike - 3 different pies for lunch over 3 days



Nisha: Deadlift 100kg x3



Damon: 3 different heats of chillies



Nyarai: Headscarf in 3 ways




A big thank you to everyone who has taken part in the Three-o-dora Challenge, it has been amazing seeing all of the different challenges you have come up with! One of our Giggle Doctors, Dr Flowerpot, also wanted to say hello and thank you to everyone at Equifax!