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We are excited to partner with Fundamentally Children on their #Fun4All campaign

We are delighted to announce that we will be partnering with Fundamentally Children on their #Fun4All Campaign.


The campaign, which runs from April to October, aims to remove the barriers that can prevent children from accessing play and all the benefits that come with it. Each month the campaign will share information to overcome some of the barriers that prevent children from accessing play.


Founded by Dr Amanda Gummer, Fundamentally Children is dedicated to promoting the value of play in healthy childhoods and want to help create a world where children are able to fulfil their potential and develop - during a safe, happy and playful childhood - the skills they need to thrive throughout their lives.


Amanda said:


“We’re delighted to have partnered with Theodora Children’s Charity for our #Fun4All Campaign. Play, humour and imagination are fantastic tools for helping children manage their anxiety while in hospital, because this lets them escape into a fantasy world. The Giggle Doctors make sure that the personal and emotional wellbeing of these young patients is looked after during a potentially very scary time, so they can just enjoy being children.”


We are really pleased to be partnering with Fundamentally Children on the #Fun4All campaign. Our Giggle Doctors are highly trained to be sensitive to the child’s needs; whether it’s a joke, a song or simply companionship. All of our Giggle Doctors are trained in ‘intensive interaction’, a technique which has been shown to improve communication skills of disabled children who have severe communication difficulties. This means that our Giggle Doctors ensure that play, and all the benefits that come from it, are accessible to all children regardless of how unwell they are.


You can follow the campaign online via twitter and Facebook.