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Hello and welcome to the ‘We are the Giggle Doctors’ programme!

Our Giggle Doctors have created a programme of fun of activities especially for the children in Guernsey. Some of you may have met the Giggle Doctors in hospitals in the UK, such as GOSH, the Evelina Children's Hospital and Southampton Children's Hospital. 

Meet Dr Geehee in the video below to find out what’s in store for you as our Giggle Doctors take you on a fun and exciting journey! In your Giggle Doctor box, you’ll find some presents from us including stickers, a poster for your wall, a set of Giggle Doctor postcards and some activity sheets to complete the Giggle Doctor Activities!

Step 1: Meet the Giggle Doctors

Meet our mischievous Giggle Doctors in this ‘We are the Giggle Doctors’ video series and see if you can spot any of the Giggle Doctors that appear in your box along the way! The first of five videos is below- click on the video title to watch the other four!


Step 2: Giggle-a-Gram!

Now that you’ve met the Giggle Doctors, you can ask an adult to request a very special ‘Giggle-a-Gram’ message especially for you, from one of our Giggle Doctors! Click here to request your Giggle-a-Gram: 

Request a Giggle-a-Gram!


Step 3: Giggle Doctor Box Activities


Activity 1: Design your Giggle Doctor Coat!

Watch Dr Snug’s video below and use the Activity Sheet in your box to create your own Giggle Doctor name and design your own coat.

Activity 2: Make a Giggle Doctor Treasure Box

Following along with Dr Yoho’ video below, using the template in your box to make a Treasure Box! You can colour it in when you’ve finished too!

Activity 3: Sing with Dr Hip Hap

Learn how to sing a round with Dr Hip Hap  


Activity 4: Take part in the Bubble Challenge

Using the bubbles in your box, take part in Dr Bananas’s bubble challenge! See if you can beat your friends and family!

Activity 5: Colour in the Giggle Doctors

In your box you will find some colouring in sheets with Dr Teapot, Dr Geehee and Dr Whoopee!



Step 4: Live Virtual Visit with a Giggle Doctor!

Our Giggle Doctors are available for a live virtual visit to you using Whatsapp Video Call! An adult can book a time for a Giggle Doctor to video call you here:

Book Live Virtual Visit


Step 5:

 Check out our other videos!

Once you have had your Live Virtual Visit with a Giggle Doctor, you can head to our Youtube Channel to explore all of our other Giggle Doctor videos! You can also book more Live Virtual Visits and Giggle-a-Grams if you want to meet more of the Giggle Doctors.


Thank you for taking part in the ‘We are the Giggle Doctors’ programme! We would appreciate any feedback that you have about the experience by completing this survey: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/GuernseyProjectParentFeedback