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Join us this year, from the 29th April to 5th May to celebrate Giggle Week!

During Giggle Week, we will be celebrating World Laughter Day on the 5th May. We want to show you the importance of laughter and why it is so vital for children in hospital to play and have some fun.


To help us celebrate the importance of laughter, we’re asking all our wonderful supporters to take part and help us to give more giggles to children in hospital, their families and all the wonderful NHS staff we work alongside!


How you can take part:


This year, we are asking you to #GiveAGiggle by sharing your favourite jokes with us so that the Giggle Doctors can bring smiles and laughter to even more poorly children. We will also be sharing jokes from our Giggle Doctors throughout the week on twitter and Instagram to give you, your family and friends some laughter too.


Whether you’re a fan of dad jokes or cheesy puns we want to hear them all! Every joke you share helps us to raise more awareness of the important work our Giggle Doctors do. So tickle our funny bone by sending us your jokes!


 1You can:

- Tweet us your favourite joke using #GiveAGiggle and #GiggleWeek. Don’t forget to tag us in (@GiveAGiggle). This can be a tweet, a video, a picture - anything that makes us chuckle!

- Post a joke on Instagram using #GiveAGiggle and #GiggleWeek! This could be a picture of some text or a short video. Make sure to tag us in (@GiveAGiggle) so that we can see your joke!

- Update your Instagram story with a cheesy pun! Again, this might be a picture or a video of a hilarious gag. Tag @GiveAGiggle and use the #GiggleWeek hashtag.

We certainly believe that laughter really is the best medicine. Feedback we have received from parents and NHS staff has shown that 93% of parents felt the Giggle Doctor visits reduced the stress and anxiety of their child whilst in hospital and 80% of NHS staff said the Giggle Doctors improved children’s mood in hospital!


Here are some of our favourite Giggle Jokes to help inspire you to share yours.













We would love it if you could join us in celebrating Giggle Week by sharing your favourite jokes with us!


If you would like to find out more or have any questions then please feel free to get in touch with amy.calcutt@theodora.org or call Amy on 020 7713 0044. We can’t wait to hear your jokes!