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Play in Hospitals week aims to raise awareness of the benefits of the play in the treatment of poorly children across the UK. Our specially trained Giggle Doctors have been bringing play, joy and laughter to children in hospital for over 25 years!


The importance of play and fun in the hospital is vital as it helps reduce stress, anxiety and the feeling of isolation for a child in hospital. This is where Giggle Doctors play an important role. Whilst medical staff treat the illness, Giggle Doctors focus entirely on the children. Wearing their very own white ‘doctor’ coats, which represent their character, a Giggle Doctor spends time one to one with the children, creating opportunities for children to play and interact through a range of musical, magical and fun activities. Sometimes they will make balloon animals and blow bubbles and at other times they will sing a funny song or just speak to a child one on one. The play is always child-led with each interaction being unique to the child and their needs. 

So to celebrate Play in Hospital Week, our Giggle Doctors are here to celebrate it with you!

Happy Play in Hospitals Week from everyone at Theodora Children's Charity! You can also celebrate Play in Hospitals Week with a Giggle Doctor by booking a Live Virtual Visit or a Giggle-a-Gram for your child in hospital!