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Craig has a life-long condition. He suffers from a neurological- degenerative disease, which means that his condition gets worse with time. Today, he is no longer able to either speak or move. He’s been spending a lot of time in hospital in the last ten years and we spoke with his mother Katrina to understand his experience:

‘’Things are difficult for Craig. For us parents it’s really important to do all we can to keep him involved and get him to smile. It’s not always easy but the Giggle Doctors help a lot. They always manage to give him this gorgeous grin on his face. When they are around you’re lost in a bubble of laugh.

He adores all the Giggle Doctors but his favourites are Dr Geehee and Dr Snug. Dr Geehee in particular has known him for a very long time and they have built a great rapport. Obviously, given his condition, Craig has been in and out of hospital for many years and has seen the Giggle Doctors a lot. Over the years, the Giggle Doctors have grown to understand him very well. They know what makes him tick and how to help him forget the hospital environment.

What’s really brilliant is that the Giggle Doctors not only help the children but boost the parents as well. I remember when Craig suffered a nasty fractured femur and had to have surgery. It was really scary because in Craig’s condition, surgery is always risky. The Giggle Doctors came in his room and were really disappointed to see that Craig wasn’t in there, since he was in surgery. But instead of leaving they cheered me up! They told me jokes, we made a video for Craig and they left him a lovely message. I don’t know how I could have got through this day without them.

The Giggle Doctors are just amazing people. I just wish they were here more often!’’