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We recently received this lovely feedback from Katy, a hospital play specialist whose daughter was visited by the Giggle Doctors whilst she was in hospital. 

1“I had an experience a couple of weeks ago of being on the other side when I bought my daughter into hospital for surgery. Georgia sometimes struggles with anxieties, primarily about new things, new people and changes of routines. I anticipated she would find surgery tricky and, being a Play Specialist, did lots of preparation!! All went really well until Georgia’s nurse bought over the BP machine, she panicked and clung onto me whilst crying and unable to engage. At this point I thought it would be impossible to calm her down, as it often is at home!
However, Dr Snug arrived at just that point and skillfully won Georgie over to a point where she was happily interacting with the magic and giggling! Dr Snug even helped to get her interacting with her lovely nurse so she could apply the local anaesthetic cream and ID band. The rest of the morning went really well and her anaesthetic induction was calm and controlled, she drifted off to sleep happily (much to my surprise!)
I can’t thank Dr Snug enough for her help in calming Georgie down and helping her manage what was potentially a very tricky morning for her. THANK YOU Dr Snug and all the Theodora team for making these visits possible.
Georgia still talks about Dr Snug now, she was definitely the high point of her hospital adventure”.