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We recently spoke to Leanne about the impact the Giggle Doctors had made for her daughter Katie.

“Katie has juvenile arthritis. The doctors have struggled to get her arthritis under control so she has been spending a lot of time at the hospital.

KatieWe first saw the Giggle Doctors last March, when Katie was first admitted to the hospital. Since then we have seen them pretty much every time.

Going back to the hospital is always hard for Katie. I think the most difficult part for her is the very beginning, when she gets her medications administered, the needles and everything.

The Giggle Doctors really helped. They take her mind off things and put a smile on her face. She was quite shy around them at first, but she has become much more comfortable now. She really enjoys it.

Each visit impacts her for ages. She has been asking constantly to see the picture of her with the Giggle Doctors. Her good memories don’t just stay in the hospital, she remembers it all at home as well.

The Giggle Doctors have a massive impact on the children. They make what’s difficult more fun.‘’