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We recently spoke to Rachel about her daughter Jessica’s experience with the Giggle Doctors.

"Jessica had a really rare blood condition, which is called HLH (hemophagocytic lymphohistisiocytosis. She was diagnosed in St George’s Hospital but was quickly moved to Great Ormond Street Hospital, where we first came into contact with the Giggle Doctors. Her treatment lasted six months, but Jessica stayed initially only for three weeks in hospital. We then went there regularly overnight for her chemotherapy.

12At the time she was diagnosed, Jessica was 7. It was hard for her to be away from her friends and her older sister Emily. At 7 you’re used to the routine of going to school, so by being at the hospital she was kept away from the normality of life.

The Giggle Doctors improved her experience significantly. It is really amazing how much a person coming and laughing can do. Whenever we went to the hospital she would ask ‘are we going to see the Giggle Doctors today?’ We have been able to see them quite a lot so now when we have to go back to the hospital for a check-up, it’s like going to a friend’s house for her!

Doctor Geehee in particular made a lasting impression on her. I remember the moment Dr Geehee arrived in our rooms. I cannot remember exactly what she said, but it was silly and really funny. She did a lot of balloon modelling and bubble blowing and Jessica really loved it.’’