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This month, we will be shining a spotlight on our amazing Junior Giggle Doctors! We will be sharing videos, photos and fun facts about the newest members of our Giggle Doctor team

Meet Dr Gubbins

Did you know that Dr Gubbins is a champion napper and once represented the UK as part of the Olympic Napping Team... unfortunately she fell asleep on the way to the stadium and missed her event, but she had a splendid time meeting all the people that lived nearby! Or that recently Dr Gubbins has been building holiday homes for mice, made out of milk bottles!

“My journey so far has been an exciting, nourishing, creative experience. There's been so much learning, playfulness and support in my Giggle Doctor journey so far; and what an honour it is to be part of this joyful, vibrant and experienced team creating opportunities for laughter and smiles. I can't wait to get back onto the wards and play again!” - Tess , Dr Gubbins

Meet Dr Cowpat

Dr Cowpat is half cow, half Patrick, and his favourite food is green. He is fairy intolerant, he can't eat fairies!

“What I've really loved about the process of training to be a Giggle Doctor is becoming a part of this amazing group of people who are so kind, thoughtful, supportive and downright talented. Finding this organisation where clowning and being playful are valued and are used to help create positive change really helped me; I had been worrying that clowning was frivolous, and now I know that the core skills of clowning, being playful, authentic, and listening to those around you, are vital to creating change in the world.” - Charlie, Dr Cowpat

Meet Dr Mish Mash

Did you know that Dr Mish Mash's favourite colour is rainbow?🌈 Or that her pockets are filled with magic and mischief that can take us to many different worlds?

“I love my work as a Giggle Doctor, meeting children and families, hearing them still laughing or playing a game as you walk to down the corridor. What is super special about this work is that we are part of a community of really incredible artists and families who play in bold, beautiful and ridiculous ways. They are a joy to work with and not only make me a better Giggle Doctor but a better human being.” – Trina, Dr Mish Mash 

Meet Dr Scribble

One time Dr Scribble managed to juggle 3 ice creams! It was the coldest and tastiest thing they’ve ever juggled!

“The part that I’ve enjoyed the most so far is having a job where it feels like all my past work or experiences really add together, everything I’ve done before has had an element of usefulness towards this job. I suppose it feels as though I’ve found a job that I feel capable and ready for, in my own way, and I’m able to have variety in everything I do each shift I work.” – Rosie, Dr Scribble