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Ken Robertshaw has managed to raise £11,780 - even with many obstacles in the way!

Last year many of you would have seen our news story and social media posts about our Ambassador, Ken Robertshaw, who was due to take part in an incredible challenge on our behalf. Ken was planning to cycle the length of US Highway 1, covering 2,500 miles over two months, to mark our 25thAnniversary. In addition to all the peddling, Ken was hoping to raise £10,000 on our behalf. Unfortunately, we were sad to report that Ken had to cancel his challenge after a delivery company failed to deliver his bike in time, which you can read about here. Nevertheless, Ken is not one to give up and decided to give it another go in 2020 - this time making sure his bike would not get delayed in transit!

"After the disappointing termination of the planned bike ride from Fort Kent, Maine down US Highway 1 to Key West, Florida last summer and the subsequent struggles to get my equipment back I was beginning to despair that my latest fund raising expedition would ever happen.

Then came the lightbulb moment!

Why not go the USA just before Easter in 2020 and travel the other way round? And a certain airline that has red planes allows bikes as sports equipment and flies from Manchester direct to Florida.  No more delivery companies!

GREAT. Things were planned and everything was set in motion and then...this virus appeared and travel was stopped.  Fortunately I hadn’t actually confirmed the flights so no costs had been incurred.  Yet another blow to the fundraising.

So here I am with my touring bike all ready to go and nowhere to take it other than to keep training in the hills of Yorkshire.  As it happens I also have a Road Bike that was just waiting for its chance to be used and was feeling lonely as she watched me go out every day without her.  Completely out of the blue I was contacted by a friend of my son’s wanting advice about expeditions and then one thing led to another and as he left he gave my road bike a new home, leaving behind £300 that has now found its way to the Theodora Children’s Charity."

Just to add a twist to the tale - I had a series of talks and fundraising appearances booked for after the expedition (the original) which has resulted in a total (so far) of £11,780 being raised for the charity.  Not bad for something that hasn’t happened. Twice!" - Ken Robertshaw












Even though Ken has been unable to cycle the length of US Highway 1 (for now!) we are incredibly grateful for his support over the years and amazing fundraising efforts. Thank you to everyone who has donated towards Ken's expedition, your donations will help bring joy and laughter to thousands of children in hospital at a time when it is needed most.