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Would you like to join our team and bring giggles to children in hospitals? 

We are now recruiting for new Giggle Doctors! Our Giggle Doctors use their artistic skills to bring magical moments to children in hospitals. These visits help to reduce anxiety and provide children with a better hospital experience.

This role would be perfect for someone with a performing arts background and an interest in improvisation, who wants to make a difference to children's lives. 

We are particularly looking for people based near Birmingham, Nottingham, Sheffield, Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds and London.

To find out more click on the information below

Deadline for applications: Monday 30th April 2018

Training starts: October 2018

"Every child I meet is unique and amazing. There are surprises around every corner! I love to see how their confidence grows with encouragement, but most importantly, laughter through play just feels so good!" Dr Nic Nac