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As part of the #Fun4All campaign with Fundamentally Children, we talk to a Play Specialist about the importance role Giggle Doctors play in the healthcare environment. 

Two Giggle Doctors visits Leeds Children's Hospital at Leeds General Infirmary every Monday afternoon. Neoma Jacobs, Play Leader at the hospital, explains why she thinks the Giggle Doctors and play are so important in the healthcare environment: 

"Play in hospital gives children the chance to forget about what they are going through and makes situations that could be scary and worrying more fun, creating happy memories. Play stops children getting bored and takes their mind away from what is going on around them. Children who have access to toys and activities in hospital tend to have a more positive experience which helps if they have to visit hospital again. Play in hospital makes both children and families more relaxed and helps to stop boredom.

The Giggle Doctors visits always bring lots of joy and laughter to not only the children but parents and staff within the hospital.  During their visits they are able to make children relax and feel happy, taking their mind away from the hospital environment they are in and creating smiles which parents treasure."

Giggle Doctors at LGI