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Are you part of a club such as a Rotary Club, WI, Scouts or Brownie group? If so, then we would love it if you might consider supporting us.


You could choose to make a one-off donation, or run your own fundraising event for us. From summer garden parties and afternoon tea’s to Christmas Fairs and fetes, there are a whole host of great ways to raise money.


As a small charity, every penny we receive goes a long way and makes a real difference to the children our Giggle Doctors visit.




The best way to show the difference your support could make is through the feedback we receive from children and their families. Here are just a few of the comments they have made about our visits:


“My daughter had just her operation and wasn’t feeling at her best. She didn’t want to eat or drink or even move about until they appeared and then she got up and sang, danced and laughed and it was all thanks to the amazing work of Dr Geehee and Dr Snug when they visited her bedside”.


“The Giggle Doctors came to see my daughter when she was inconsolable. After a few minutes of ringing their gentle bells and lovely lights she stopped crying and was mesmerised. They listened to my worries and sympathised. They are Ladies with hearts of gold. Thank you so so much”.


“I just wanted to say Dr Geehee and Dr Whoopee really brightened my little boys’ day at The Royal Alex Hospital, Brighton. They were so funny and the magic was great! On his way home from hospital he said ‘this was a fun day!’. Thank you so much!”


If you would like to talk more about how you could support us or find out more about what we do, please get in touch with Ellen on 020 7713 0044 or via email [email protected] 


We are more than happy to send along a speaker to an event you run but we would only be able to do this in return for a donation to cover our costs.


A Parent

Thank you so much for visiting my little girl today at the LGI. She was being fasted for surgery and was getting a little past it and irritable, thankfully you came at just the right time and put her back in fantastic spirits and definitely made her giggle. Thank you very much!

Lendlease Guvnors Club

I hadn’t heard of Theodora Children’s Charity before and it was through our Lendlease Guvnors Club that I was given my first introduction to the Theodora team and their fantastic group of Giggle Doctors. I have had the honour of meeting some of the Giggle Doctors and think it takes a truly wonderful person to be able to do what they do. I believe the charity deserves all the support it can get to continue sending their super smiley Giggle Doctors to cheer up children currently sick in hospitals and hospices across England. Our first bake sale for the charity was a resounding success and we look forward to continue our support in the future and expanding our relationship with the team